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Former Redskins QB Heath Shuler: I'll Challenge Pelosi for Democratic Leader

North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler told Fox News on Monday he is following through with his vow to challenge Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the role of the House's top Democrat when the party moves into the minority in the next Congress.

Shuler said he's making good on his campaign promise to challenge Pelosi for minority leader, adding that he's had a respectful relationship with Pelosi but would always be direct with her.

It's an uphill battle, he acknowledged, but the Democrats lost in the recent midterm elections, and he thinks Pelosi is partly responsible for that loss.


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Check his record. He's no friend of liberty in NC!

Heath Shuler

He might be a guy we can work with, with a little education Heath could become a Ron Paul convert and hopefully stay with the Democraps.