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UK Agrees to Settle with Ex-Guantanamo Detainees w/ video

LONDON – Britain has agreed to pay hefty settlements to a group of former Guantanamo Bay detainees who sued the government for alleged complicity in their torture — one of the first big pay-outs stemming from the US-led war on terrorism.

At least seven former detainees would receive payments and at least one man would receive more than one million pounds (US$1.6 million), according to a second source who has seen details of the weekend settlement and spoke on condition of anonymity because lawyers agreed that the details would be kept confidential.

British spies have not been accused of torturing detainees themselves, but former detainees have alleged that British officials violated international law by knowing about the abuse and doing nothing to stop it.


U.K. Govt Pays Out Millions For It's Involvement In Bush's Torture Program

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No Criminal Trial...

I think most folk would like to see this go to trial, with the criminals being held accountable for their actions. Sadly the government will once again use tax payers money to keep it hush hush.

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good to see

good to see...but at the same time it will be the UK taxpayers on the hook for this.

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