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Amid Airport Anger, GOP Takes Aim at Screening

I had no IDEA that airports have a CHOICE on whether to use TSA. Of course, I'm sure that there is LOTS of $$$ that is involved in that "choice". Good to see that this info is getting out there!

By: Byron York | Washington Examiner

Did you know that the nation's airports are not required to have Transportation Security Administration screeners checking passengers at security checkpoints? The 2001 law creating the TSA gave airports the right to opt out of the TSA program in favor of private screeners after a two-year period. Now, with the TSA engulfed in controversy and hated by millions of weary and sometimes humiliated travelers, Rep. John Mica, the Republican who will soon be chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, is reminding airports that they have a choice.

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Doesn't that make them liable?

If the airports now have the option to substitute their own security for the TSA operation, and chose not to do so, doesn't that make them liable for the misdeeds of the TSA employees?

Seems to me there's a lawsuit here - to put the costs of this decision on the people who make it (rather than leaving the assaulted passengers with only claims against a government bureaucracy which would just bounce off the wall of sovereign immunity.)

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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

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If they were fired

If TSA was just fired, than that would be nearly as good as having them abolished, re-aligned, etc.,

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Oh! The irony is thick!

The GOP "taking aim" at the bastard frankenstein child that they spawned with their murderous lies about 9/11.

There's a whole lot MORE to "take aim" at, than this TSA backscatter screening device.
Their entire scum-ridden enterprise, a.k.a. "TSA" and "Homeland Security" needs to be eliminated at once.

Yes, all these fake terror

Yes, all these fake terror prevention steps are mainly aimed at terrorizing regular citizens.

Im not flying

until this is resolved. If someone were to grab my dick.. i would be forced to knock teeth out of em. Just sayin... NOBODY touches me intimately without my consent. This is insane. We are Americans. Defending our Liberty is a right, an honor and a DUTY.

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I just saw something on

I just saw something on evening news about SanFran having private security and the government ran bomb components through the whole nations airports and SanFran caught 70% compared to TSA catching 40%. I will try and find the video.

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Please do.

I would really like to see that.

I was

not aware of this! Thanks. I passed it on...

Bump for others' perusal...

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I do not know the details of

I do not know the details of the TSA arrangement with the airports, (to say the least) but It's a fairly good bet that the airports are getting plenty of $$$ for allowing the TSA in. Also then they don't have to pay for security themselves.

But yes this is a sign that we (the public at large) have finally found a point to which we are tired of being pushed and have decided to push back.

I just wrote my local airport

I just wrote my local airport and requested that they ditch the TSA services and instead opt for a private security force.


That is a great angle. I am

That is a great angle. I am glad they enlightened us. We do need to contact the airports. Is there a specific department we should get contact info for?

Let's not forget, it was the

Let's not forget, it was the GOP (with the help of the Democrats) that created the terrorist threat.

That's not to say that hijacking is something new. But the idea of suicide bombers and other aspects of terrorism really started with our involvement in Middle Eastern struggles. To get the GOP to work to end the abuse of American citizens by the TSA and other "public servants", we need to change the Republican leadership.

The leadership of the current GOP is in bed with the globalists, and it is their New World Order agenda that is fueling the terrorism we are suffering under. Change the GOP leadership, and the terrorists will go back to killing each other.

Don't get me wrong

I don't trust the GOP. I just see that it is PUBLIC PRESSURE that is causing this potential reversal. Change is ONLY going to come via public awakening.... and on this issue, it is POSSIBLE that the public will force a change.... EVEN IF the GOP guys actually wouldn't have gone for it! Just a sign of progress in the PUBLIC MOOD.

AND, I think it is GREAT that the fact that airports are VOLUNTARILY chosing the TSA is coming to light. That gives the public MORE TARGETS for their rage!

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Airports could have opoted out years ago?

Sounds like we now know who to put the pressure on. The Airports want the TSA.

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Exactly. LRC had

Exactly. LRC had interesting take on this.

TSA Resistance Taking Off: Are the Elitist Airlines Worried, Yet?

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For the good news !

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