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Did Hispanics Save Harry Reid? He got 90% of the Hispanic Vote.

Polling shows Latinos voted for the Senate majority leader by a wide margin.

In the wake of Sen. Harry Reid’s hard-fought victory against Sharron Angle in Nevada, the postgame analysis has revved into high gear. How to explain his win? Was it his massive, finely tuned ground operation? Was it his success in painting his opponent as an extremist? Was it Angle’s unique talent for committing a gaffe practically every time she opened her mouth? Arguably, all these things played a role. But one factor in particular appears to have been key: the Hispanic vote.

According to election-eve polling and analysis by Latino Decisions, a surveying firm, Hispanics chose Reid over Angle 90 percent to 8 percent—an astounding margin.


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Ya, all these people from

Ya, all these people from other countries have not been schooled on what this country is all about..

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a vote for harry is a vote for free money!

...the rest of the country is waking up to this fiasco, it won't be long until harry is the new scourge of the republic (he'll take pelosi' place) as the prime dysfunctional target of America's woes

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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I think he got 90%

help from the programmer who fixed the vote.

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