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Lawmakers in NJ about to ban Full Body Scanners-Good News !!

A group of lawmakers in New Jersey is moving to end the use of full body scanners currently at use in Newark Liberty International Airport. Associated Press is reporting a resolution was announced on Monday seeking prohibition of the controversial screening procedure. The group represented both political parties as well as both houses of the legislature.

"Enough is enough," Republican State Senator Michael J. Doherty told Newark's Star-Ledger. "We believe there are constitutional violations taking place. We believe there are violations of New Jersey state law taking place."


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Good for them, will they be so quick to oppose retina

scanners that take their place?

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Revolt against TSA: Ban the body scanner?

A groundswell of anger has rippled through the nation's airports: People are not happy about the body scanner security systems.

While The Post's Andrea Sachs did not find the procedure too invasive when she tested the new technology ("I found it comforting to know that the body scanner would uncover items missed by older equipment and that we travelers have one more layer of protection against those exceedingly crafty terrorists."), other people have not been so happy with the experience.


They'll all get rid of them

They'll all get rid of them but they'll replace them with optical scanners, and besides the government already purchased hundreds or thousands of these in one year.

Question: These are very high tech machines. How could GE produce probably around 1000 in the US and who knows how many across the globe in less than a year?

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I would also worry

about that fact. They will do as much as they can that will not cause such a backlash against them. They will introduce something that is less invassive but stores out genetic code and biometric data so that we can be tracked at every step. Anyone remember Demolition Man? Safe but many unhappy and stupid.

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I have been wondering when

I have been wondering when states would get involved. Excellent.

^ I thought Congress

already passed a bill banning them but the Senate hasn't moved on it.

Do you have

a bill number for that? I could not find it on thomas.gov using the "phrase" option...

To the OP: Sounds like good news to me. Thanks for sharing this information.

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finally some good news today

I Totally

Agee !

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