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Breaking: Ron Paul will NOT Join the Tea Party Caucus

By Steven Nelson | The Daily Caller
November 16, 2010

Daily Caller Exclusive: Ron Paul will not join the Tea Party Caucus

Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul, an icon to many members of the Tea Party movement, has decided not to join the House Tea Party Caucus.

Jeff Deist, chief of staff for Paul, confirmed the congressman’s decision in a statement to The Daily Caller.

“Congressman Paul decided not to join the Tea Party Caucus,” Deist wrote in an e-mail. “He strongly believes the Tea Party movement should remain a grassroots phenomenon, rather than being co-opted by Washington or any political party.”

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I am going

...... to make a phone call and send my newly elected Congressman an e-mail to encourage him to join Dr. Paul’s “Liberty Caucus”; and to be leery about the neocon Tea Party crowd. I suggest that everyone does the same. I am going to send him the Daily Caller link … and the DP comments.

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He's catching on, I'm telling ya...

We had a very Ron Paul influenced Tea Party meeting tonight. Over 50 people talking about the Fed and monetary policy. Stay engaged if possible. We are changing the landscape of future politics.

As we drive to hell, which party will take credit for the airconditioning?

"We had a very Ron Paul influenced Tea Party meeting tonight."

"We had a very Ron Paul influenced Tea Party meeting tonight."

That's a HUGE understatement. We should have some more newbies for our next meeting, guaranteed. Then we can talk about the effects and mass chaos that will ensue when hyperinflation kick in. That should really shit their brains.

End The Fed!

“Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - Bastiat

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Ron Paul does not need the Tea Partiers. They need him!

It's too late now. They have been coerced by the RINOs. I hope that Rand Paul will take control back and get this movement back on the personal liberty, anti-war tracts where it belongs.

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...you got that right, SteveMT!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Excellent news! Excellent.

Once again Ron refuses to associate himself with the liars and cheats.

Ron Paul stands above party, keeping it honest, or in this case highlighting the fact that these liars don't intend to do what they say.

And what these liars say is not what started the tea party in 2007.

The tea party of 2007 was to support our troops BY BRINGING THEM HOME.

These cheats want to send more to war and to start new wars in Iran or wherever the monetary kings and / or oil barons decide to conquer next.

Our kids lives are not FOR SALE to foreign interests.



Exactly. I was active in

Exactly. I was active in 2007, tea party has been taken over and I am happy to read that others of Dailypaul know that, maybe its because they watch so little TV?

Considering the neocons that started the tea party caucus...

This isnt surprising. Ron Paul is nothing like Michele Bachmann and the other Republicans that were all gung-ho for every big government prowar thing Bush/Chenney came up with. Most of these sudden "patriots" trying to saddle up to the "tea party" are people that were in congress voting for the patriot act. Mean while Ron Paul was standing on the floor of Congress condemning them to their faces.


Wonderful news!

Stay independent.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Great move by Ron

This way he can avoid the guilt by assosciation should the tea party caucus be co-opted and you know hes a sure vote on the right side for all the important issues anyway. Really shows he means what he says about "collectivism".

He's absolutely right!

I love how Ron Paul sticks to principle while the rest of Washington step all over themselves trying desperately to grab onto whichever way the wind is blowing.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Principle over Party.

Principle over Party. Amazing every time.

Also when he runs for

Also when he runs for president he wont be labeled as a tea party candidate. Just a thought :)

You can bet your last ounce of gold that...

...when things go south (and they will) for the Tea Party, the TV pundits will make damn sure to associate him. His 2008 run was the foundation for it in the first place. I agree with what he is doing. The caucus aims to control and direct from the top down and we all know that the best way to destroy a movement is to try and control it.

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Rand Paul

I think this move is a good strategy, assuming that Rand Paul will attend. I believe that Ron wants to let his son do the work of guiding the Tea Party while Ron Paul can continue working with the C4L.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul already has a Liberty Caucus. If the tea party people are really made of the right stuff, they will join that. The fact that they are ignoring the liberty issue and forming their own group is ample evidence that they are cut from totally different material than our hero Ron Paul.

Great point


Similar to the idea that there was never a need for a "Tea Party" movement- there was already the Campaign for Liberty.

Another Reason Why

we all support and love Ron Paul and will continue to if he decides to run. If not hopefully some or someone will run on his wisdom and issues and look to him for advice and direction.

keeping it grassroots - he knows that has more power.

I would not question his judgement.

I am not sure the Tea Party is really the salvation that many seem to think it is.

How many of these newly elected Republicans will turn out to be just more of the same; new faces promoting government plunder and control with just cosmetic changes. I personally would rather see Ron Paul stay as independent as possible.

The federal government is bankrupt, both morally and financially. Who is honestly going to admit that and take actions to put it into the equivalent of financial receivership? Are they going to say we can't possibly make good on our bogus promises and so forget Social Security, Medicare and all the other goodies we pass out to buy your support. I doubt that the Tea Party will have much effect, even if they actually intend to bring back limited government.

What needs to happen is to restore Constitutional money because they can't print gold and silver out of thin air to finance deficits; if they must tax to pay for all the government spending they vote, that would bring genuine government reduction. If Ron Paul can pull off a miracle and bring an end to the Federal Reserve System there is hope; otherwise disintegration will continue and the end result will be violent revolution.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Yet another

Fine example Ron Paul shows to everyone. It blows my mind everytime he makes a move or speaks that the real path to freedom is shown to everyone who will listen. There is only 1 Ron Paul!

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

correct move

teaocons learned another lesson.

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And "teocons" they are :-)

love it !!

The wisdom shows once again.

The wisdom shows once again.

I believe his decision is that Ron understands that putting people into groups distorts the message of individual freedom, thought and responsibility. Many of the founding fathers were actually against political parties in general for this same reason.

We done Dr. Ron Paul, well done.

Brilliant move!

Once again, Ron shows his intelligence.

A Very Smart Decision, In My Opinion.


Because during the last Presidential election many, many voters didn't bother to research the difference between a Ron Paul self proclaimed "Conservative" Republican, and a George Bush War mongering neo-con Republican, and there was a huge difference !

No entangling alliances {Article I section 10 } applies to the United States as a sovereign nation/country and Ron Paul as a semi FREE man.

The Founders tried their best to give we the people individual sovereignty, Ron Paul is proclaiming a bit of his sovereignty as a FREE thinker.


Good for Dr Ron Paul

After all he is a man of constant principled integrity. I would expect nothing less

Another lesson

don't get involved in group think.

Until the Tea Partiers start railing against trillion $ a year defense spending and unending wars, the good doctor can't support them anyway.

The C4L will be his baby. It's has better mechanics.

It may be a missed opportunity

I think it may be a missed opportunity to help channel the grassroots. I also think he has some better ideas on how to do that, but writing off this caucus before it even gets started really says a lot. He probably sees this caucus as a vehicle of the co-opting. I just hope this decision does not put him on the outs with tea party caucus members. He needs alies. He asked for reinforcements. They arrived. It's probably a good idea to help guide them. One way to do that is by caucusing with them.

He pretty much has been

He pretty much has been following their platform for years anyway..everyone knows he is the reason many people are rising up. He is so smart..

They have all been co opted already

If your group is part of the National Tea Party Patriots, your masters are defense contractors.