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We Have Always Been Told, 'The Power Is Vested In The People'

My prayer for today and all days following.

We have always heard that the 'power is vested in the people'.

What is this 'power'?

When we 'envision' something in our minds, is that not 'power'?

When we 'desire' that vision with all our hearts and souls. Is that not 'power'?

When desire for that vision waxes, are we not compelled to right action to prepare for it's arrival?

Is that not the actual manifestation of the vision?

When these powers within us are guided by an even greater universal power; 'Love, wisdom, aka Nature's God', will that not yield the greatest good for the many?

A 'contagion'. When one gets it, all the other receptive ones get it too.

Do these powers not unleash the forces of nature as its vibrant intelligence gleefully take their course and flow as directed by the visionary? Does this flow not generate the greatest forms of healing, creativity, and economy that is sure to find its way through the receptive ones? It is generosity and love for all that is good

When the people feel and know they are safe with their neighbors, and secure within their boundaries because their lawful constructs make it so, are they not rewarded with the greatest of prosperity and happiness?

Is this not 'real' freedom? I believe so..

Hence, 'The power is vested in the people'. Bringing heaven to earth. The freedom of Dreaming, Desiring, Willing something 'better' for all. A Pandemic of global proportions.

The motor generating Restored America right now.

Best of all. It's 'off the grid'!!!

Anisha Dunne



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