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Conference call with McClintock last night

I didn't get to ask him questions, (I would have grilled him a bit) but I was encouraged by the questions being asked:

- Do you support ending the Fed? His answer was basically, "no". He basically said that they need to get back to their mission.

- Stop the VAT tax! His answer was, "yes" on no VAT tax.

- Logging and mining industry in CA has too many regs and is killing the industry! He agreed, and not so sure what his resolution was.

I would have asked him about the role of gov't and how he voted for Congress to buy Arnold Palmer a gold medal. I also would have asked him about his, "yes" vote on the US/Israel Unbreakable Bond issue. Lastly I would have talked about his big government foreign policy and TSA.

Was anyone else on this call?

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I received an email saying

I received an email saying they would call me to join, but I never got the call. Do you live in the district?


I'm a foothills guy. You?

Yeah, I grew up in Auburn,

Yeah, I grew up in Auburn, but live in Reno now. I am a personal friend of Michael Babich, the guy who ran against McClintock in the primaries. I was one of the few people working on his campaign too. Had you ever heard of his campaign?