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Attn: Farmers, Ranchers or Just About Anyone Who Likes To Eat

Learn The Game Plan on how American farmers are being driven out of business HERE:


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What I glean from this article is that one side seems to be

quit reasonable, and another seems to be bent on unprovable conspiracy theories.

I'm not whacko environmentalist, though I am a conservationist, and I do understand some people use seemingly legitimate means for nefarious ends, but more will have to brought to the table before I get all huffy and puffy about any of this.

Have you ever heard of the global Biodiversity map?

Have you read the U.N.'s Agenda 21 plan? This is not an "unprovable" conspiracy theory---this is FACT!

I quit flying when the TSA

I quit flying when the TSA took over airports.

I'll just quit eating if they take over food.

Small price for safety.

Columbus, Ohio

The two are not equal. You can live without flying.

I enjoy road trips. Flying is expensive anyway. Also, not having a credit card makes it difficult to purchase tickets or rent a car. So I manage quite well by driving. In the process I get to see lots of America I otherwise would not, AND I don't have to subject myself to the gestapo.

They can't take over food. Not my food anyway. They will die trying. I may not survive the attack by them either, but at least one of them won't be around to make war against my neighbors anymore.

That was sarcasm. I don't

That was sarcasm. I don't plan on stopping eating any time soon.

Columbus, Ohio

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deserve bumps.


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