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Gallup Poll: Ron Paul in 5th place with 6% for 2012 GOP Race [Taken Nov 13-14]

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The Bad News

* He's down from 7 to 6% between Sept. and Nov.

* Also, he's only at half the score of the one next above him, and the four above him are grouped fairly close together in the teens, while he represents a big gap down at 6%.

The Good News:

* He is in fifth place, well above most of those below him.
* He isn't running yet.
* He's ahead of where he was at this point in the 2008 race.
* At this point, he would probably have to be let into the primary debates, based on the number that they had participating last time.
* Nobody has a commanding lead.
* There is a lot of time remaining for him to pull ahead.

Well said

Well said

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Interesting. If they let him

Interesting. If they let him in debates I bet those 18% undecided would start deciding quick..