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Reuters: Republicans want Fed focus solely on inflation

Two U.S. Republican lawmakers said on Tuesday the Federal Reserve should focus solely on inflation and ditch its "dual mandate" to promote both price stability and full employment.

The pressure from Senator Bob Corker and Representative Mike Pence adds to the pile of international criticism over the central bank's plan to buy an additional $600 billion in government bonds to try to speed up a sluggish economic recovery.


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This is why WE are not a waste of time....

Let's keep charging at the windmills...they will come down.

This is the method of

This is the method of eliminating the FRS: by reverse creep of the Fabian Socialists' agenda. The Fed would never allow the complete abolition outright.

Also the audit must be introduced again as a flank attack. Then RP should bombard them with subpoenas until the people know how corrupt the system is.

Let the apologists of communism atone for the dead!
-Alan Charles Kors

Paul Ryan was on Charlie Rose

Paul Ryan was on Charlie Rose last night and said the same thing. Could be a consensus building?

Columbus, Ohio