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Portugal on the Brink - yet another of the PIIGS set to collapse

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Wow, doesn't this quote jump out at you?

"However, the German government is expected to signal that Ireland may have to accept a pounds 77?billion bail-out, along with a loss of economic and political independence, as the price of preserving the euro."

Ok, I guess that's out in the open now...

And so the real reason for the EU/Euro and the present

crisis comes out in the open - complete integration.

To be sure, they have to do it slowly or else there will be a revolt in each member state, but in the end that is their goal, always has been.


And here's a news flash for them.
Nobody gives a shit about "preserving the Euro" or anything associated with it.
Nobody ever wanted it besides those rotten scum who dreamed it up and created it.

When the Euro and the EU are history, we'll all dance in the streets. Preferably on the heads of the assholes who brought it in

When do we lose all of our

When do we lose all of our sovereignty to China? Probably in a few months.

Columbus, Ohio