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I saw these interesting items on I-35 north of Austin Texas.....

Does anyone know what a EMP is?
Thought they looked interesting so
I fired off a few clicks with the iphone.
Check it out.


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Pic down

The picture is down for some reason. Can't tell which system it is...

Because they didn't think

Because they didn't think anyone would bump a 6 month old thread.

Columbus, Ohio

These are

Satellite Transportable Terminals (STTs). Satellite communications gear used by the Army. They where headed to Fort Hood in Kileen, Tx. END OF STORY!!!

emp tank

The tank labled "emp" is a tank for additional fresh oil, for the oil injector/exchanger installed on these units. Every 30 Mins or so, it takes a bit of used oil and injects it in to the diesel fuel, while replacing it with an equal amount of fresh oil, back into the oil pan. Simultaniously lubricating the piston, and extending the oil life by approximately. 300 hours. I was unable to see the picture, however, from the sounds of it, this was a general dynamics model of the STT (lot 10), or it could be a lot 9 model produced by rockwell collins. Hopes this helps. P.s. not a deathray, they do not drive those around the country on flagged semis, those are kept elsewhere, and never transported in the open like that.

Electro Magnetic Pulse.

was what I thought of.
thanks for the info, that would extend engine oil by the equivalent of 21000K!

Thanks Libertexian!

They actually didn't exit torwards Ft. Hood
but around Georgetown.
The driver was probably heading to Sonic
for a chili cheese dog and tots.
Thanks for clearing this up though.

Mmmm cheers!

You're right...

Here it is.

Satellite Transportable Terminal (STT) General Dynamics' STT AN/TSC-185 terminal is an optimized, over-the-horizon communications

"EMP" is a company that provides cooling systems for I guess the generator motors. That is what that coolant tank on the outside is, with the "EMP" sticker.

Man....I was hoping for a death ray, or something interesting..

That's still interesting

I couldn't figure out what that weird shape was for. It has to do with space. That's still cool.

And that truck is going to be one ugly monstrosity when it gets some age on it.

Defend Liberty!

Not a Tesla energy weapon?

great research gang.


But good lookin' out.

It is important for people to have their eyes open on the highways for movements like this, even if it isn't a Tesla deathray.
I've got a friend that works for the railroad, and I have him on guard, looking out for certain things.

Of course he is like "Shultz" from Hogan's Heroes. He'll probably be snoozing when the time comes.

Damn infowars. Got me all

Damn infowars. Got me all excited for a revolution by claiming these were ADSs.

Columbus, Ohio

Just like the MSM

you have to watch out for those "?" question marks, at the end of a headline.

I have to admit, that was a bit deceptive on their part. If not deceptive, lazy.

The part that didn't convince me was that they were trailer mounted. I have only seen vehicle mounted ADS systems.

So basically more unneeded

So basically more unneeded crap for our empire provided by the Fed and create by a manufactured crisis. That's life in the good old USA!

I wonder what happens when other countries like China start to manufacture crises? I guess we'll know soon enough....

If they pay $700 for a toilet seat,

Just imagine the astronomical prices they pay for things like are shown in the photo.

This is the HUGE elephant in

This is the HUGE elephant in the room with regards to the Fed. All that free and cheap money has to go somewhere. All the corporations out there know it. It doesn't matter what industry. And the only way to get the BIG Dollars from Uncle Sam is to manufacture a crisis!

Name the crisis:

9/11 (Military)

Global Warming (Energy)

Swine Flu (Health)

Economic (Banking)

They all know they need a crisis! This is why I'm shocked people aren't sick of it by now! The average Joe in the US is so stupid! You just need to connect all the dots!

You want billions of free money in the US? Manufacture a freak'n crisis! It's a beautiful business model and that's why they all do it!

One meaning for EMP

is Electro-Magnetic Pulse, but these devices looks more like directed beam devices since they appear to have a fold-down disc (possibly a shallow dish) on top that would be raised to vertical or less. They could be weapons, field radar, or communications devices but probably not electro-magnetic pulse devices.


Following links below I tend to agree that this is the Active Denial system fitted to trailers.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.






Big Heatray. Like a direct mircrowave.

"The ADS has been removed from service in Afghanistan as of July 25, 2010. A spokesperson for the United States Department of Defense said "The decision to recall the weapons back to the US was made by commanders on the ground in Afghanistan."

They aren't using them in Afghanistan, so where are they going?

Columbus, Ohio

thats what it looked like to

thats what it looked like to me at first, but I am no expert.

They probably recalled it once they realized that its already 100+ degrees and the "insurgents" just scoff at this "heat" ray.

Here is the "EMP" company (I think)

Looks like some sort of coolant tank, but I can't find the specific product.
They do military stuff though.

What coolant tank? I'm not

What coolant tank? I'm not seeing what you're seeing.

Columbus, Ohio


Nicely done.

The DP sleuths are hard to beat.

I'd still like to see some sort of industry website showing one of these models. I couldn't see the secondary device that goes on the end of the arm, but that could be attached later.

Nui, this should be sent to AJ.


As requested...

As requested, I kinda work for them, and was an FSR for these units in Iraq.


Yeah, send it over. Give the

Yeah, send it over. Give the DP a shoutout!

Columbus, Ohio

I never trust the government for anything and I never drive on

I-35 north towards Waco or South towards San Antonio for any reason anytime. If it`s North above I-10 I don`t need it.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

Electro Magnetic Pulse

An electro magnetic pulse can fry every electronic device within its range.

If you remember the beginning of the movie War of the Worlds, the aliens fire off an EMP and fry every car, cell phone, etc.

Just my .02

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

meekandmild's picture

millitary satellite dish

for internet and communications.


How do you know that is what those are? Do you have pictures, or links or any other info?

I'd sure like to get some clarification on this.

Thanks for the call, and the heads up Nui.

They don't quite look like ADS, and they don't quite look like Sat equipment. I can see where the parabolic antenna would pivot up, but see no other goodies that would make it one or the other.

Closest thing I could find was this. An these aint it. (toward the bottom of the pdf)

Where was this on I 35?

It was south of Waco....

I kept watching to see if they would exit
torwards Ft. Hood but instead, just north of Georgetown.
I thought about doing a little recon and following but nada.

Or one of these?