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Infowars’ TSA Abuse Story Number 1 Worldwide


Following a top headline on the Drudge Report, the world’s single largest alternative media outlet, the shocking news story “TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants“ by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones has gone completely viral, organically reaching #1 on Alexa.com’s “Hot Pages.” Alexa is one of the leading and most trusted indicators of web traffic numbers, and an assurance that this disgusting over-reach of government power will be discussed by millions across the globe.

The controversy over TSA reaching into fliers’ pants is the latest development in an on-going backlash against the invasive measures by TSA. Radio host Owen JJ Stone, known as “OhDoctah,” appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to share his unnerving experience at an airport checkpoint. As Watson & Jones write, Stone was subjected to what other passengers also now face– TSA agents “literally putting their hands down people’s pants if they are wearing baggy clothing.”

Thanks again to our readers and supporters, as well as Drudge, for another big success in the Infowar.


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Yeah, drudge is linking to

Yeah, drudge is linking to infowars a lot lately.

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great to see it

millions of people get educated on the issues...finally.

Thanks for a bump.

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