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Rich Declare War on the Middle Class

If you knew that the transfer of your savings (the wealth you have accrued through hard work and sacrifice) to the rich (banks), and the decreased value of your home investment had nothing to do with normal economic activities, like supply and demand or the regular workings of the marketplace as we've been told are the norm since earliest schooling, but were actually only a part of a well-planned historical movement coming into its own (bigtime now) with the culmination of it involving moving all economic activity/power and well being away from the US to other parts of the world (although still controlled by the same big money interests), would it affect your life choices? How about your political choices? Think it over.

full article - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26821.htm

"The ideal scenario for the Financial Power Elites which own the debt is modest deflation, as that increases the purchasing power of their income stream. The ideal setup is a nation/world of debt-serfs who are still able to service their debts and pay their taxes. The only real danger is if debt service and taxes become too burdensome and they revolt. So the Financial Power Elites do have to care about the top 20% below them, as these tax mules pay most of the Central State's taxes. That's important because the Power Elites will likely end up owning high-yield long-term Treasury bonds. They also have to care a bit (but not too much) about the bottom 60% who own no assets to speak of, as this class could create political turmoil were they to recognize the hopelessness of their serfdom. So the Power Elites will support bread-and-circuses: cheap entitlement programs like food stamps, and abundant entertainment (cable TV and Internet). This combination has a long history of success in placating and distracting the masses. Out-of-control costly programs like Medicare will be pared back. They are only valuable as ways of diverting the national income into cartels owned by the Power Elites. To the degree they threaten to disrupt the overall financial status quo, they will be pared down via reduction of benefits. If commodity prices get too outrageous, then the Power Elites will support Central State rationing and other programs which ensure the bottom 60% will have few reasons to rebel and plentiful reasons to silently, passively comply."

from - http://www.oftwominds.com/blogoct10/grand-strategy10-10.html