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Freedom Watch 11/16/2010

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I think the Judge needs more

I think the Judge needs more info on the mortgage fraud going on. I don't think he has looked into the problem enough to understand the position against the banks.

You only have the rights you claim to have

Your rights are not guaranteed unless you claim them. Any document you sign should be prefaced, above your signature, with the phrase "Without Prejudice". This is a reservation of your rights, not only those listed in the BOR but also any right you claim. This is so because any document you sign is a contract enforceable by admiralty law. Don't go to an admiralty court and try to demand your rights without first reserving them or you will have the book thrown at you and you will land in jail. Much to learn.

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Short clip of final thoughts

Someone with the capabilities should make a clip of that final segment at the end of the show.. That would be a brilliant thing to spread around when talking about the national opt out day, on the day before thanksgiving..

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Even better than usual, wonderful



Go Judge

Do you have this as a playlist?

I use this web site to follow the Judge's show. They show up on the page the day after the airing but they're in a nice playlist so you don't have to click on each of the four segments. His show from yesterday is already up. Check it out.




The thing that I find most amazing about this is that I cannot google up a single photoshopped jpeg of Janet Napolitano as a dominatrix.

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bump for the judge

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