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What about a Ron Paul/Rand Paul presidential ticket?

Is this possible, in terms of constitutionality? That might be the key for success in 2012. I think it may maximize the enthusiasm and mobilization of voters and supporters.

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There is some difference

There is some difference between Ron and Rand. I at least would love to see R&R both on stage at the debates, and other liberty dudes like the judge, ventura, etc.

I am Ron Paul

Of course it is

Of course it is constitutional.

But you have to win the primary first to pick your VP. And even then, you have to be able to court all the Independents, many of whom would be former Democrats to vote for you in the general election.

Having 2 people who are pretty much the same as far as policy would not be a good idea.

RP would have all the Republican vote. Next, he would need Independents to vote for him as well. A moderate or even "lefty" would give him a much better chance at winning.

Columbus, Ohio

Sorry but this idea fails and

Sorry but this idea fails and I'll tell you why, what if Jeb and Neil Bush decided to run together? Doesn't sound like a hot idea now, huh?

The news media would have a field day and the Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals would be screaming at the top of their lungs.

Remember, we want to win!