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An easy way to send airlines a message.....

on top of not-flying:

If you're receiving any email from any of the airlines simply unsubscribe.

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Or better yet: If you are fed

Or better yet:

If you are fed up with the entire BS of American's being singled out, then please join the fight against Tyranny. Contact your favorite (or most hated) Airlines and tell them you will refuse to fly until the full body scanners and groping by TSA employees is eliminated.

Customer Contact info for the following airlines:

AirTran Airways: http://www.airtranairways.com/contact/contact_us.aspx
Alaska Airlines: http://www.alaskaair.com/www2/help/email.aspx
American Airlines: http://www.aa.com/contactAA/viewContactAAAccess.do?selectedF...
Continental Airlines: http://www.continental.com/web/en-US/content/Contact/custome...
Delta Airlines: http://www.delta.com/emailus/servlet/EmailUs?cmd=go
Frontier Airlines: http://midwestairlines.custhelp.com/app/frontierairlines
Jet Blue Airways: http://www.jetblue.com/help/contactus/help_contact_problems....
Southwest Airlines: https://www.southwest.com/contact-us/contact-us.html?int=GFO...

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I'm with you. Sent three a

I'm with you. Sent three a letter a couple of days ago.

will do

will do

Defend Liberty!

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Bump for more views!