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Body Scanners were just the beginning: Brain Scans

It will do NO good to get rid of body scanning procedures, groping, etc., because as long as DHS and TSA exist, there is no shortage of weapons available which will be used against us. These tyrannical agencies must be disbanded. Otherwise, they will soon expand their operations to include stadiums, subways, bus terminals or any public event, employing even more draconian technology.



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I was thinking the same today.

You need to get rid of the Department of Homeland Security, period!

Or else they will implement the facist control-state step by step. These bodyscans are just a method to get ordinary citizens used to the idea that they have to submit to authority, used to the idea that they have to be checked everywhere they go, identify themselves everywhere they go etcetc.

It will only get worse if nothing is done against it. While resisting bodyscans is recommendable imho, the ultimate goal should be to get rid of these anti-american freedom-hating agencies alltogether, first and foremost DHS.


Unfortunately, in the meanwhile, we will be preoccupied with protesting the unconstitutional snoop devices being deployed.

Next target for the scrap heap? MOBILE X-RAY VANS:


What's so insane is

the American people are no threat to the regime. They were completely asleep before all of this. The corporatists are making a mistake to get so greedy.

All these weapons against the American people aren't needed to oppress them. The American people were willingly submitting. All these weapons do is cost money. Generating invoices is their whole purpose and the need to spend more and more is where they'll go too far.

Defend Liberty!