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If you are thinking about buying physical Silver...

Ted Butler:
"I’m getting a feeling in my “bones” that we will soon witness some real excitement to the upside in silver. These feelings are similar to what I felt back in July and August, when I speculated we could see a $5 to $10 pop in silver from the then-price of $18. This time, I’m thinking the pop could be larger and quicker. Yes, I know that prices have been very volatile lately and we’ve experienced a sharp take down in prices from the historic highs of a week or so ago. The current sell-off has a lot to do with my new-found-bullish short term inclinations. As always, I’ll lay out the case and let you decide on its merits."

Do it QUICK. As you can see again Butler is seeing a good price jump in the near future.

Butler also said the COT report has NEVER looked more bullish. The big shorts jpmorgan and the rest are trying to buy back and cover as many shorts as possible before the Dodd/Frank futures contract limitations get going. Most reccomendations are to have a 1400 to 1500 contract limit. Right now JpMorgan
has well over 25,000 of these contracts.

From Butler:
"There have now been 25 lawsuits filed against JPMorgan, etc., for manipulating the price of silver. JPMorgan and silver manipulation have become synonymous. However, the big wild card is still on the regulatory side, both for the silver investigation and the looming discussion on position limits. We are now just days from the remaining two month-mark that Dodd-Frank set as a deadline for having position limits in energy and metals. I’ve yet to see anyone propose a position limit other than 1400 to 1500 in silver. I know I’m close to this issue, perhaps too close, as I have been for two decades. But my sense is that the coming discussion will impact silver prices a lot."

The next price push up in silver is within weeks.
I would go ahead and buy what you want or feel you need. This is also a time to possibly look into buying a few silver options. I am in no way an expert when it comes to this, but if you look into the march 35's, that may be a good choice.

If you are investing in silver please subscribe to Ted Butlers service. It is only 30.00. I have been reading Butler now for 8 years, he has been dead on with ALL the issues surrounding Silver. By subscribing you can go in and read all his essays from 2000. You will see just exactly how correct and accurate he has been. Everything he predicted has and is coming to fruition. www.butlerresearch.com

Ted Butler is absolutly the expert in Silver. NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE. No one can read the Cot reports like Butler. He has always called the ups and downs in this market.

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Sierra, Thoughts on Silver Eagles vs

1) pre-1933 semi-numismatic silver (Morgans, Peace)

2) junk (I know--best value)

3) uncirculated pre-1964 (halves, quarters, dollars, etc)?

Historically the semi-numismatics rise in value completely eclipses bullion when everyone is trying to get in the narrow door.

Phil. 4:13

I like silver eagles because

I like silver eagles because at some point those coins will be rare. When the price jumps way up people will sell. They will be needed for industry so they will be melted down making those eagles kept worth more. I would buy some eagles and I would buy junk silver.. Its also about accumulating ounces.
the more ounces you have the better off you are.

CME Raises Gold Futures

CME Raises Gold Futures Margins By 6%, Hikes Silver Margins For Second Time In Under A Week
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/16/2010 08:09 -0500

If at first you don't succeed at killing the higher beta stock short hedge, try again. The CME has just raised its margin requirement on silver again, bringing maintenance margins up from $6,500 to $7,250, after hiking it less than a week ago for the first time and preventing silver from surpassing $30. Of course, why the CME is raising it more after the spot price of silver is now far lower than where it was at the first raise is a good question, but is most certainly due to the exchange's "risk mitigation" concerns, and has nothing to do at all with the intent to continue killing PM prices. Far more importantly, the CME has finally relented and also raised gold margins, as we had expected. The new maintenance margin is up from $4,251 to $4,500, a minimal increase just to allow the CME to have the option (and making speculators well aware of this) of hiking rates again at any point it so chooses. All in all, all is now fair in fighting excess record liquidity. Look for a second round of imminent margin hikes in cotton, sugar, coffee and wheat, as the exchanges are suddenly very concerned about what retail margin collapses may mean for the non-existent wealth effect.


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Thanks for posting.

Undo what Wilson did

welcome. its just a matter of

welcome. its just a matter of time now.

Probably showing my ignorance here...

I just noticed a 1957 Silver Certificate one dollar bill in my wallet....that says "one dollar in silver payable to the bearer on demand". Is this something I could demand from a bank? I've looked online for "worth"...some saying $2 to $4...but that would probably be in useless FRNs.... ??

Valuable teaching tool

See below. Just as my mother (tried) to teach me the meaning of the silver certificate I still have, I used it when teaching (learning right alongside them!) my children baby economics, beginning with Whatever Happened to Penny Candy. I showed them the silver certificate, old silver dollars (Morgans, Peace), and a current FRN, as well as the Canadian bills and coins from way back and now. And showed them the "two bits" whose value still bought a gallon of gasoline, just like when their grandfather filled the tank using quarter when their mother was little.

My mother, who worked in a bank and was sharp (but only hoarded the old silver, never investing in it, having bought the line that Americans couldn't own gold, so extending it to silver), saved the silver certificates initially, convinced that one day they would be redeemable for real dollars.

Teaching this to my children was my introduction to Ron Paul! Thank you Uncle Eric (aka Richard Maybury, author of the Penny Candy book)!

The eldest caught on, the younger is still working on it, so he doesn't receive silver as a gift yet. :-)

Phil. 4:13

It isn't worth enough to sell.

The Treasury will only exchange it for a new FRN anyway.

I'd keep it myself to educate people on the subject.

silver certificate

Your silver certificate has some nuimismatic value, but unfortunately, the US government renegged on its silver redemption obligation in March, 1964 refusing to redeem any more silver certificates for silver. It is a lesson in the value of owning physical metal versus paper claims which carry counter party default risk.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

I have a 20.00 1930 gold

I have a 20.00 1930 gold certificate. I can't go to the bank and demand gold for it. It is worth about 25.00