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White House: Obama Conducting Reign of Terror

President Obama was urged by the few White House insiders from whom he still takes advice to leave the country on his ten-day Asian trip, his longest trip abroad since becoming president, in order to not inflict any more damage to the Democratic Party in the wake of one of the worst electoral defeats for the party of an incumbent president in recent history. According to sources close to the White House, who put themselves in great danger by even talking to members of the media, the plans to have Obama leave for a visit to India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan are an attempt to get Obama out of the country while top Democrats can sort through the political disaster created for the party by Obama's increasingly detached-from-reality presidency.


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if the "top Democrats" are being touted as the "cure" for an "out of touch President", then we REALLY are in trouble.

The top Democrats are like freshly-escaped lunatic-asylum inmates. If they are more "in touch" than the President, then imagine how far gone he must be!