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TNR Discusses Palin, Dr. Paul, and the Fed


Also links to the Daily Paul! Essentially calling us cantankerous against Palin, I'm okay with that.

Essentially it ends up being more of an apologetic piece for the Fed, though feigns honesty:

"Don’t get me wrong: I think criticizing the Fed is an entirely healthy thing. I, for one, am sympathetic to the Pauls’ concern that periods of excessively low interest rates can lead to bubbles, and I do worry that quantitative easing may create similar problems. (Though I don’t see many great alternatives.)....But what Palin and likeminded politicians are doing now isn’t good-faith criticism. That requires a baseline understanding of what the Fed does, and grappling with it honestly."

Also labels the Pauls as "affluent":
"But more than anything else, the Pauls represent the interest of the affluent and educated."

Sure, maybe the educated, but the affluent? Anyway, if nothing else it's worth reading to see Palin picked apart. :)