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Ron Paul’s Moment - WOW! A postive MSM piece. A genuine must-read.

NY Sun.com | His Accession To the Chair of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee Would Open Up a Long-Needed Debate

The exciting prospect is not so much the questioning of the chairman of the Fed, who traditionally appears before the full committee on Financial Services. Dr. Paul has long had a chance to grill the chairman, and has done so spectacularly on some occasions. What is exciting is the chance to open up a sustained debate on more strategic questions related to the monetary powers and disabilities of the Constitution.

Our hope in the coming months and years is that no question will be ruled off the table and that a deep and wide open investigation will be held in respect of what kind of monetary system was contemplated by the Founders of America, and Congressman Paul is the ideal man to do it.


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Bump for Ron Paul!

Bump for Ron Paul!

Mr. Lipsky...

...may just end up fipping burgers after that piece.

I like broccoli...I must be a terrorist.

Or end up being

a hero.

The burger flippers (or worse) will be the ones that hide (or attempt to hide) the truth from the people.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Bout time.


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Bump Dat!

Bump Dat!