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Calling All Those Who Want To Help With Some Positive Projects

It's becoming more pressing by the day to start laying down a new infrastructure for the way we do things in this country. We need to get organized and create a new foundation instead of just talking, protesting, looking out only for ourselves, and voting if we're going to make it.

To this end, some of us are developing solutions such as a simplified new educational system that gets to the point in teaching you what you need in order to get a job rather than wasting time and money on a worthless degree, B2B supply chains between local American pro-liberty businesses, job matching for the unemployed, free/low-cost transitional living for the homeless, an innovative new PAC for RP 2012, and many others. And we need all the help we can get.

I'd really appreciate it if my fellow DPers out there would be willing to reply to this post with your areas of expertise, no matter how complex or mundane.

e.g. Person 1
Skills: Math Teacher / Web design / Farmer

within the next couple of weeks, we're going to set up a forum for putting these ideas together as quickly as possible and try to involve everybody that wants to take part.

Thanks everyone!

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fishyculture had a transient ischemic attack of smart

That is just short of a stroke of genius. Working out details now, but basically a way for people to come help us start the new economy of self-sufficient cooperatives. I have the loophole so you need not be able to BUY land now. If anyone is desperate, email me. I will post a thread about the full thing once we have a working model in place, but NO ONE need "give up hope."

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have you checked here?

DPer Business:

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Thought about this for a long time

What we really need is a bank. Peer to peer lending and set up local currencies based on gold and silver.

Also I think we should take advantage of the opportunities the Big government gives us. Since an unconstitutional law is no law and there are some braves souls out there. An easy way to be generating profit to fight the state would be growing and dealing weed.


Simple crossword puzzle design, homeschooling (pre-K-8) creative crafts (decorated frames and such), scrapbookmaking, (photography --as a hobby, mostly)

My husband & I: Creative writing, parodies, etc.

My husband: crossword puzzle design and editing, computer services, writing for magazines (commentaries, articles, etc) & graphic design.

I also have a creative idea for an innovative potato bin....

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Bump and bookmarked

I'll get back to adding my skills later. Gotta run.


for activism in the cause of Liberty.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Good Idea

Always like to see a positive develop.

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