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In Defense Of The TSA

CNBC running this article...


I emailed the lady told her she was an idiot and that NO, I WILL NOT COMPLY. PERIOD.

Jane Wells funnybusiness@cnbc.com

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Nice try but

I think not.

I'd like to see private airliners institute their own security - or not. They could make it as intrusive as they please - or not, and whomever wants to, is free to submit to any and all of it.

Whoever doesn't like it is free to fly the "less safe" airliner. Simple enough, eh.

Sure I'd rather my charred carcass not fall back to earth at 9.8 meters/second, but strangely, I don't think that's happening. If it does....well.....I suppose I won't be around to have to deal with the mess.

Let the sheep submit to molestation if that's what floats their boat. I'll fly the private sector, and maintain the integrity of my sphincter - thank you very much.

I like broccoli...I must be a terrorist.