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$10 Million Spent in Support of S 510

30 organizations support this bill and spent $10,279,334
11 organizations oppose this bill and spent $1,974,183

Find out who they are and which senators took the money


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It will be interesting to see if money is a factor in who votes

which way.

It looks like pretty much every Senator is receiving more from the "pro" lobby than the "opposed" lobby.

..this makes me sick.

..this makes me sick.

AND of course, both our senators in AR Blanche Lincoln and Mark Prior got tens of thousands of dollars..

I wrote them, but did not send a dime, so there u go..

me too Crickett

And, most of them took money from both sides, but of course the ones with more money won.

The whole business of lobbying is wrong. It isn't about what is best for the people or even what the people want...it is about corporation's money and their money gets them what they want. These people have no ethics or morales.

The groups supporting it increased by one since yesterday, I think the additional group is the US Chamber of Commerce.





good find

bump for Liberty!

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Money talks

in this country and unless we can change that, the battle continues to be UPHILL.


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great link to the contribution landscape.

Thanks for posting.