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questions for people who are for the sexual assault at airports

Is there something that kills less people than terrorism in the united states? If terrorism doesnt kill people then why do we have to be sexually assalted?

Why are there no bomb sniffing dogs at the airports. wouldnt it be much harder to trick their nose than trick the scanner?

Do those machines raise the chance of someone getting cancer? if so is that not worse than the risk of terrorism?

Please include more questions. Questions make people think. And isnt thinking what we want these people to do?

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I have known all along that dogs would solve the whole thing

I have seen a demonstration in which a dog smelled the powder from a spent shell of a hunting rifle (no rifle, no casings) in a truck in the parking lot where the audience was gathered. The owner of the truck was swearing that he had no bullets, casings or weapon in his truck.... and then remembered he had gone hunting last week, and the smell must still be there. It was AMAZING.

But, of course, there's not alot of MONEY or DRAMA in having dogs casually sniffing luggage and people.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

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Detector Dogs

I know for a fact that properly trained EDD's miss NOTHING. Personally, I'm a "contractor" (say what you will) working a dog in Afghanistan right now. These dogs can find a spent casing in a open field or in somebody's underwear anytime. I've seen dogs drag a handler 30yds or more to the source of an odor.
I don't know of anyone that would object to a cute, friendly Labrador or Beagle sniffing around them (I prefer big Shepherds myself, but that's just me). If anything, that would cut the TSA staff and tech budget by millions or more.
Maybe that's the other real issue?

could we start a thread

on the dogs? assuming we can get necissary links?

Your are more likely

to be killed by lightning than terrorism. But yet we don't spend billions (or even thousands) preventing lightning from killing people.

Also, over 40,000 die a year in car accidents in the US. Any action from congress on this? Any violation of our rights to stop this? How many billions, millions or even thousands were spent by our government to stop this? Not saying any of that should be done, but why such the focus on terrorism when about 1500 times more people die from car accidents than terrorism every year (or ten years, since there has been no death since 2001 from terrorism).

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The "killer question"

The "Q.E.D."

"If there really were terrorist threats, would they leave the border wide open the way it is now, so that anybody can come in with whatever they want to bring, any time they want?
How come YOU have to submit to an anal-exam, but they don't even pay any attention to the border? If you think there is Al Qaeda, what would stop the entire Al Qaeda force from walking across the border unchecked and unnoticed?
The answer is that the gov't knows there is no threat, because ALL the terrorism is under US direction. They aren't scheduling any terrorism until they need it, so they really don't need to pay attention.
BUT, they do want to keep YOU under total control, because YOU are their slave."