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Activism Alert! Please Sign 'Investigate TSA, NOT John Tyner!' Petition

Calling for a Freedom Coalition with the liberals at FireDogLake.com

Courtesy of one of the few open-minded genuine 'liberals' remaining, post-oBUSHma era, Ms. Jane Hamsher, proprietor of FireDogLake.com

Please sign the petition. only takes a few seconds.


Thanks, ya'll.


Actual Text of the Petition:

"Sign the Petition: Investigate the TSA

“Porno Scanners,” Groping, and Intimidation are Abuses of Power

Sign our petition to Congress to investigate the TSA:

The TSA’s “porno scanners” are a gross invasion of privacy. After the House voted down invasive porno scanners, the TSA ignored the will of Congress and bought the machines anyway, wasting $25 million in stimulus funds to create just a single job.

The TSA’s new aggressive “pat downs” are clearly designed to punish people like John Tyner who refuse to go through the porno scanners. Neither the scanners nor the aggressive pat-downs make us any safer. Now the TSA is further abusing its power, threatening a citizen’s most basic rights to intimidate the rest of us.

It’s clear that the TSA is out of control. Congress should investigate the TSA’s abuse of power, and then pull the plug on the invasion of our privacy.

Add your name to our petition to the left.

Background Information

John Tyner had two options when he got to the airport: go through the TSA’s “porno scanners” unprotected, or get an aggressive groping by a TSA agent that one woman described as being “sexually assaulted by a government official.”

Tyner avoided the porno scanners, but when he objected to the TSA’s plan to fondle his genitals, the agents refused to let him board his flight. Tyner recorded the incident in a now-famous video in which he told the TSA to “don’t touch my junk.”

Now the TSA says they are “investigating” Tyner, threatening him with prosecution and $11,000 in civil penalties. It should be obvious why the TSA is investigating Tyner: to intimidate the rest of us into using their invasive, dangerous porno scanners."

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Good for them

signed and bumped!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

thank you.

more the merrier!


Dear Conservative Visitor,
I know where your mind just went! (heh heh).
I went there several years ago when I went 'rogue'.
You want to support a 'cause'...
but you don't want to start getting 'all their crap' in your email box.
I understand.
You need to create a 'throw away' email address...
something you use to 'register' with, validate with occasionally...
but never check and don't really care what it 'fills' up with.
Just DO IT.


and hotmail, if they're still around(haven't used them in awhile...) are always handy to have around.

that's what I do, as well.


for the support!


the headline has been simplified.

I just

signed the petition!





please sign the petition,

if you agree with the nature of its content.