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Television Guide said Jesse Ventura Police State, yet they didn't show it

Anyone notice this? They showed something else and after that they showed the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory show the Manchurian Candidate, which would seem more "out there," than Police State. At this time with the TSA bs, I wonder if they were told not to show it?

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Last weekend I couldn't find Freedom Watch--

The Dish Network guide was all messed up! I finally found it on Sumday just by cruising channels---the guide was wrong. I, too, wondered if this was on purpose.

Yeah, I think they played

Yeah, I think they played 'Most Daring' or something like that in place of CT: Police State episode. One of my friends had mentioned that Jesse V. said earlier on Friday that TruTV would not air it again. My friend said she didn't have time to hear why he said it won't be aired, so I could only imagine. Maybe it got too much attention.

Here on the Canadian OLN

Here on the Canadian OLN channel we get it on they played the wrong one tonight.