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Finally $625M Compensation for 9/11 victims; About $60k each

That amount, when divided by the number of victims, works-out to about $60,000 per victim. Not much at all.

September 11 victims agree to compensation package
Thousands of police officers, fire fighters and other rescuers made ill by dust and debris from the 9/11 attacks have agreed to compensation from New York City worth at least $625 million (£392 million).

By Jon Swaine in New York 10:18PM GMT 19 Nov 2010

The settlement ends a seven-year legal battle for the workers, who claimed in a class-action lawsuit that city authorities had failed to provide them with adequate protection and supervision.

Many of them developed health problems, especially respiratory conditions, after working for prolonged periods amid the smouldering toxic rubble of the World Trade Centre towers.

Under a deal negotiated earlier this year, 95 per cent of the 10,563 workers had to agree to the compensation package in order for any of them to receive payouts.

Just days before the deadline for their decision, the group announced on Friday that 95.1 per cent of them had accepted the settlement of between $625 million (£392 million) and $712.5 million (£447 million).



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I wonder

if this is close to the amount Guilliani made off exploiting 9/11