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WATCH Conspiracy Theory w/Jesse Ventura: JFK

'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura JFK assassination deathbed confession'


E. Howard Hunt Details JFK-Plot on Video + JFK - Case for Conspiracy (full movie) http://tinyurl.com/e-howard-hunt


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was a good show! Most of the information provided I've already read about previously...just not all in one setting, though.

I have two problems with Part 2 of the 3-part-video linked above.

I own an excellent book on this subject, circa 1975, entitled, "They've Killed the President" (The Search for the Murderers of John Kennedy)--author Robert Sam Anson.

The 2 problems I have RE Part 2 of the linked video are:

The video shows a partial shot of an alleged photo of Oswald with Marina taken in the Soviet Union. The video does show enough of that photo, also displayed in the book (the book's photo is a full-body photo), to show that Oswald is hardly much taller than Marina. According to the book, and Soviet records, Marina was a little under 5'3"; Oswald's passport says he was 5'11". That photo appears to say otherwise! The book theorizes that another somewhat-similar-looking man (not the real Oswald) was actually in the Soviet Union (The book calls it 'The Two Oswalds').

The other problem I have with Part 2 of the video is the infamous photo (the video again only showed a partial photo and also only showed one of the two infamous photos)shown with Oswald holding
the Mannlicher-Carcano in his backyard. Jesse says that Marina admitted taking the photo.

The book shows both infamous photos(full body photos), and says this:

"...The Incriminating Pictures. Marina Oswald testified to the Warren Commission that she took these two pictures of her husband in their backyard on March 31, 1963. They are the only pictures showing Oswald armed. There are a number of inexplicable inconsistencies in the photographs, however. In the pictures, the backyard appears to be bathed in sunlight. Yet, according to the Weather Bureau, the skies on March 31 in Dallas were cloudy and threatening, with a touch of rain. The bush beside Oswald is also in bloom. In March, such bushes have not yet begun to bud. The more serious problems, though, are with the man in the photograph. In the picture at left(partially shown on the video), "Oswald's" head is erect and his nose casts a V-shaped shadow. In the picture at right, Oswald's head is slightly cocked, yet the shadow remains the same. The posture of the man is also oddly out of kilter. When one attempts to stand at such an angle, one invariably falls over. Also, while the size of the bodies in both pictures differ, the size of the heads is the same. The chin of the "Oswald" in the photographs also seems broader and more squarish than the Oswald who was arrested in Dallas and who had a narrow, cleft chin. Finally, the weapon Oswald holds is longer than the known length of the Mannlicher-Carcano discovered in the School Book Depository. The conclusion some critics of the Warren Commission reach is that the pictures are forgeries, with Oswald's head cropped atop another man's body..."

The book also has other pictures of "the Minsk Oswald", some frames from the Zapruder film, the magic bullet, etc...

Bump for others.

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Hey does anyone know why the

Hey does anyone know why the US ARMY wouldn't allow him to film the end of the show there, besides them saying they didn't like him or his show?
Does the ARMY control who can and can't check out his gravesite?
Thanks ahead of time

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

I think Arlington national

I think Arlington national cemetary is Army territory...there was a segment with infowars on that topic where ventura read a letter by michelle bachman who talked with the guy who denied ventura. He even gave out the man's phone number.

OOhhh...ok cool thanks for

OOhhh...ok cool thanks for the reply.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

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BumP: Yes, it is worth watching, &...

does not disappoint.


you believe he named Bush sr? Wild!

And POTUS just recently gave him...

The Freedom Award. Ironic - like Obama getting the Noble Peace Award. Funny world we live in.

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He stopped before

he got to the top!! Stopped at presidents. He didn't name the top guy calling the shots.

the wall st. episide and this JFK one were excellent.


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Thanks for posting. I wish

Thanks for posting. I wish they had included more from the death confession of the CIA assassin about both JFK and watergate.

I missed it but...

...will catch its rerun next week.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

damn this was good!

damn this was good!

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