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London Mayor Warns Bush He Might Be Arrested

The mayor of London warns Bush he has to be cautious where he runs his mouth about torture, because in Europe people might actually walk up to him and have him arrested for it. "He might never see Texas again."

The current mayor Boris Johnson of London is a member of the Conservative Party, not exactely known as loony leftists. Former Israeli minister Tzipi Livni cancelled London from here schedule due to similar threats. In other words, he better take this serious.

"Of course, we are told this scenario is unlikely. Dubya is the former leader of a friendly power, with whom this country is determined to have good relations. But that is what torture-authorizing Augusto Pinochet thought. And unlike Pinochet, mr. Bush is making no bones about what he has done." - Boris Johnson


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That piece of filth will never be arrested for anything....

UNLESS...they need a distraction from what an even bigger piece of filth is doing. Yeah, then GWB might be thrown under the bus and the wisked off to his own personal "prison"...a little 100,000 acre paradise in Paraguay, never to be seen again.

"We need to attract people who create more light, than heat" (Fortune cookie-8/14/2001)


hope he gets arrested...about time.

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Do the world a favor

and quit warning.

Maybe we should

do a chip-in and buy W a European vacation.

His recommendation to visit

His recommendation to visit such places as " Beijing, Damascus, Tehran... with 'How To' sections in their library..." seems an overt bit of sarcasm. After all he left out Tel Aviv.

The advice to "stay away from

The advice to "stay away from Spain and Italy where they take civil rights seriously" is a gross but accurate depiction of American and Canadian loss of human morality recognized by so many others around the world and ignored by so many in authority here.

If he showed up at my house, I would arrest him.

It would be ludicrous for me to attempt to seek him out and arrest him. Suicidal, actually. That does not mean I have no morals. It does not speak well for ANYONE who claims to hold a position of "authority" but I make no such claim. I am just a despicable truther, ask Medina, Geraldo, the Judge or any of the doctors you admire so.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Arrest him.

Then send him to Gitmo.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Gave me a reason to