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Rand Paul interviewed by NewsMax.TV - Nov. 15, 2010

"Rand Paul: Talk of Shutdown 'Government by Chaos'"


Direct video download link: http://cdn4.phx.unicornapp.com/video/od/H264764/181/e8a857d1...

The direct link could have a time limit, I'm not sure. IF the URL expires, you can always view it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDor0TDl8SE

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Nice! He really is honing

Nice! He really is honing his talking points and looking good. I'm impressed. His position on communicating with grassroots America is an asset.


I really do believe this is all a bit of a tactic between the Elder and the Younger: one remains "outside" the mainstream and independent, the other speaks in more broader and general inviting terms to "infiltrate" the GOP establishment's agenda.

plus, this is the first time in history where anyone from the Freedom Movement had filibuster powers to put a STOP to insane legislation coming down the pipe.

still, a Paul or no Paul, we'll all be watching Rand's first round of voting record with extreme scrutiny.

despite all that, in my gut, I really do feel that Rand is the REAL deal.




an update.