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Gary Johnson asks: Why do we have a TSA?

John Tyner became a YouTube sensation this week for recording and sharing his confrontation with TSA officials over the pat-down he was required to endure to get on an airplane. His outrageous experience clearly touched a nerve with a lot of Americans — myself included.

No matter how many times I go through an airport, which is almost daily, I am outraged each and every time. Whether it is the disgusting thought of a “full-body scan,” being touched in ways nobody should be touched, or having a guy in a uniform confiscate my one ounce of toothpaste because it’s in a six-ounce tube, I ask myself what has brought us to the point where we let the government do the kind of stuff to us that we wouldn’t let anyone else do?

My friend Congressman Ron Paul has introduced legislation to make it clear that TSA officers are not immune from basic laws regarding unwanted physical contact. I commend him for doing so, but cannot help but point out how unbelievable it is that such a law might even be necessary. How is it that we line up like sheep at the airport and let the government grope us in ways that would get anybody else in the country fired or arrested? I say enough is enough. Let’s stop being sheep.


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Thsnks for the post!

Thsnks for the post!

another good find Bobby


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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

It won't end until someone in power tells the truth

about 9/11. All these measures in the name of security, the intrusions into your personal life, the destruction of the Constitution and the alienation of your rights, are predicated on lies.

For those who cannot or refuse to face the truth and who feel comfortable in a state of anxiety, understand this: people are getting rich off your fear. Fear is the growth industry.

The beast, our overgrown federal, nationalized, government, and its former/future members in the private sector (Chertoff, Haliburton, The Goldman Sachs, etc.), feeds off your fear. Fear of being audited. Fear of bank failures. Fear of being attacked by a mythical, mountain/cave dwelling monster muslim terror mastermind. Your fear, as is most fear, is based on a false premise. Stop feeding the beast with your fear.



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second that!


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