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Show Dr.Paul some Love

I found this from 2007.

It really brought back memories, and maybe even a few tears to my eyes. Dr.Paul is the Greatest Elected official in History as far as I am concerned.

After watching I sat and thought about all the wisdom he has bestowed to us all, and how much he would have to care for everyone to go at it as hard as he has, for so many years. To be honest, this man has done more from me than my own father has ever done.

Now, Im not a gushy guy, in fact Im what most people would call a little rough. Im a tattoo artist, I don't tend to "go along",Im not always that personable, frankly, I can come off like an assh*le...but today I just wanted to take the time to let Dr.Paul know I love him.
I have never had a chance to meet him and tell him thank you, so I will post here.
I think we all have been touched by the patient, gentle, and caring guidance he has shown.

Maybe others would like to let him know too.

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Dr. Paul is my inspiration.

What can I say more than that? I respect him for his principles, his perseverance, his selfless and selfish stands for liberty. I say selfish because he wants liberty for himself, and selfless because he also wants for all of us what he wants for himself. I love him for all these things and more. Allah knows best what is in the hearts of all men/women. May Allah bless him and all those he loves with Mercy, Kindness and the best of Guidance.


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