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The Drudge Report is currently carrying an article about the attempt to keep Ron Paul out of futre GOP debates.

This is a petition that will be sent directly to the RNC to oppose banning Paul from the debate.

Sign it and let America know that Ron Paul's message needs heard.

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Attack on Dr. Paul


I am new to the site. My name is James and I live in Ron Paul's district in Victoria, TX. The local paper, The Victoria Advocate, had some negative things to say about Dr. Paul today. I sent them a letter earlier that I hope they'll publish. Here it is:

Dear Editor,

I find the media's assault on Ron Paul to be quite disturbing though not surprising. Is the media attacking Ron Paul simply because he had the courage to speak the truth? Not hardly.

Think about it. All he did was point out that our foreign policies have been dangerous. Where does he get this idea from? Straight from the 9/11 Commission Report. Try reading it sometime. He has never been caught up in any bribery scandals or any sordid affairs, so why is he attacked so much by the media and the political elites?

Ron Paul is being attacked because he is a threat to the establishment. The media has tried to hide his success in the online polls. Fox News tried hard to trash him, but Dr. Paul led their poll for a time. He ended up in second. In many other online polls, he wins handily. Many other elected officials undermine the Constitution and weaken America's sovereignty. Dr. Paul actually upholds the Constitution. He strongly defends civil liberties, protects our sovereignty and tries to keep us out of unnecessary wars.

Let's take a quick look at the so-called top three Republican candidates. Rudy Giuliani is pro-abortion and anti-gun. John McCain is soft on illegal immigration and is chomping at the bit to start World War IV. Mitt Romney flip-flops on the issues more than John Kerry. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is always consistent on the issues. He doesn't change his message to fit the crowd.

Who would you rather have representing you?

I am proud to have Dr. Paul representing me. I think he'll make a great president.

3500+ signatures now

The signatures are flooding in.

It is encouraging and I hope Ron Paul has a chance to read some of them. It is obvious that it is NOT SPAM. Those are real names and real comments from real Americans.

Open Letter to Ron Paul

I say this with a lot of sadness in my heart, but it's how I truly feel. I Don't want to see you get crucified by this country. Ever since that exchange between you and Rudy Guliani I have had a very horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's a combination of rage, sorry and anxiety, and I can't seem to shake it.

It was the reaction of that crowd, and the reaction of the majority of the people around me since the debate, that gives me that feeling. The reaction was knee jerk, almost automatic. How can anyone break through that type of delusion? If not you Dr Paul, then no one can.

I know what comes next, and I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO THROUGH IT!! I know I asked and asked and asked for you to do what you are doing, but I am having 2nd thoughts about it now. You are too decent and too honarable a man to have to put up with this kind of crap. You shouldn't have to explain yourself to the likes of Rudy McRomney. You are a man of integrity, they are but flip flopping power hungry wannabees.

If you decide to walk through that next door and take the arrows and slings they are preparing for you, then KNOW that you will have thousands and thousand of people there behind you.

Just ask and I'll get into the fight any way that I can. I know you are doing this for your grandchildren. I AM DOING IT FOR MY OWN CHILDREN

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


Link to the article, I've called for his resignation

This is the article:

I've put links to the contact info in my blog entry, and I'm calling for anuzis' resignation (or ejection).

Here is a mug shot (I don't have time to overlay a red slash-circle):

The Michigan GOP is one of the most liberal in the country. When Ronna Romney was running as a pro-life conservative, the GOP said go vote your conscience (for Levin). After finding a liberal millionaire to create a very hard primary contest. It hasn't changed since, but I was content to leave them alone before.

I'm a resident of MI for my whole life, and was even a delegate to the state convention for Jack Kemp (this is when Pat Robertson ran for president way back when).

I'm not a party member now, but now will work against the party as long as they tolerate having this idiot as a leader.