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Video: Veteran Brothers Ride Till The End Of The Wars (Language)

Veteran Brothers Ride Till The End Of The Wars

Ride Till The End is self described as vets and supporters riding their bicycles till the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan end. I was able to meet up with these guys as they rode through Kansas and are now heading to St. Louis, MO. They have been through a lot since this videos release, clocking over 2,500 miles and are currently a trio spreading the message with song, poetry, and grassroots organizing in each town they stop at. If you live in the St. Louis area or are on their path to Florida for the winter months, drop them a line and encourage them to spend some time speaking with people in your community and give people ideas how to support GI resistance on the local level.

The thing that sets this group apart is their focus on the South. The intend to speak to the very people who have supported those that sold us into the current wars and the very attitudes that propagate the endless policy. Often peace activist have spent lots of time in places that welcome them with open arms. How often do we see effective movements trying to make change where they have already won the hearts and minds of the populace? We must go to the source of ignorance, apathy, and hate, question their beliefs and stand our ground. Operation Awareness has made a concerted effort to take this issue to the source.


Also check out their website at

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