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Chemist explains why precious metals are money (Crash JPMorgan Buy Silver)


I am intrigued that NPR had this on at all. Also impressed by the way they act like silver has no value because it tarnishes.

It is working. JP is getting caught with his shorts down. For one silver ounce, you can participate in the pantsing.

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Here's the youtube

Chemist Explains Why Precious Metals Are Money

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God invented gold,

God invented gold, counterfeiters invented fiat money.

An element that would enable advanced alloys

and takes a ton of work to refine and is extremely rare was making a name for itself as currency in my science fiction stories.

He forgot to mention the bling factor, BTW.

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pretty good

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Hey folks, this is an interesting one!

One bump for good measure.

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