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Bush Warned To Keep Book Tour Domestic, Or Face ARREST

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Govrnment Policies Have Brought A Sense Of Shame To Americans,

Traveling overseas !

As an American traveling overseas, I was asked to explain to a group of non-Americans, why our government was involved in atrocities all over the world.

I was very embarrassed and struggled through a very weak opinion from my perspective.


I have no qualms about letting people know our government is...

... illegitimate and criminal. I admit the truth and they respect me for it.

I tell them not to worry though, a new guard is rising fast in the United States of America.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

our very own war criminal!

well, isn't that special!

No KIDDING. He should have

No KIDDING. He should have been impeached and I would be SO happy if someone arrested him. I hated that man. Pelosi should be investigated as an accomplice. He did MANY more things to undermine our liberty.