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Is Craziness in Middle East Just Ploy For Ark of Covenant Search?

I know it sounds crazy and I didn't even know what the ark was till yesterday really (Indiana Jones of course).

This article about Yemen is very interesting. Keep in mind it was written in January. It talks about why it is the next war front and why you would be hearing about Yemen more in the coming months.

I guess according to Jewish prophesy they need to build a third temple, but the third temple is nothing without the Ark.

Interesting read anyways just thought I'd share.

Why Yemen is the next war front.
By Gary Vey for viewzone (posted January 5, 2010)

As an editor here at viewzone I get to write and publish lots of interesting stories. Some authors write stories to promote a book or CD. Others want to be credited with a discovery of something, usually in the field of science or history. Occasionally though, a story must be told because it is ripe -- its time has come -- and that is why I have decided to write this true story about Yemen.

In the past couple of days, Yemen has been in the news. Following a botched terror attack by a Nigerian who once visited Yemen, Senator Lieberman and President Obama have told the American public that this country is the next war front. In no time at all there will be military advisers, equipment and soldiers on the ground, just like in Iraq. And like Iraq, the real agenda for being there will be hidden from you. That is, until you read this.


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I remember

reading this article when it first appeared online. A fascinating theory, for sure...

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Very interesting read, Indy!

The Nazis must be just around the corner!

Thanks for posting.