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Are there any Application Architects or System Analysts here?

This has to do with the Mainstream Media.....
Anyone with the skills of an Application Architect or a System Analyst I need to talk with you.

I'm working on a project and I need you! It is very in line with the R3volution...if you are here at the DP you will get what I'm working on instantly. I have programmers but need someone to lay it out for them.

Please contact me.
Thank you.

PS it has nothing to do with that Delegate Training website thing by DrSteveParent.

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How about some information

on what type of technologies you are using? If you not, some specifications about the project might need to be revealed so we (I) could possibly help.

I guess the best question is, what are you trying to do? :) I've worked with some pretty large government databases and file systems so I might be able to help.

its cloud computing , integrating searchengines, and word recogn

its cloud computing , integrating searchengines, and word recognition.
Contact me directly at entropypress@gmail.com for more info.

a morning bump

Please contact me if you have Application Architect skills
Thank you.