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61 Reps. Sign Letter Opposing Afghan War Extension including RP

Our Doc:

"61 lawmakers pen letter opposing Afghan war extension"

Actual copy of Rep.Lynn C. Woolsey(D-CA)'s letter to (p)Resident oBUSHma, dated Nov. 19, 2010. http://woolsey.house.gov/SupportingFiles/documents/Afghanist...

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did not see your article

and just posted another one -
will delete it.

anyways I posted the story on my site


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And 250 of them co-sponsored a bill to audit the Fed

They are fossils. Relics of a time gone by. Who is the letter to? It might as well be to Santa.

It is now history 14% questioning war funding

We have a poorly developed and ill managed system of government. But sometimes we have to work with the tools we have.

No group or groups can out lobby the people.

Free includes debt-free!

You assume congress actually retains power

I question that assumption. I believe the world government is in place and operational. All internal politics that matter are made decisions being presented as a big show. I also believe it will all be very evident to everyone soon.

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Now, with Korea, this letter gets even more important.

Time to leave Afghan, Iraq, and Korea. Just get out.


"...marched in, march right out!"

I think this is FANTASTIC

I think this is FANTASTIC news!!! Now we got to REALLY mess with those neo-cons..like FOUR republicans signed it. The others are fools, I tell you..and we should tell THEM.

it's a start,

when historians take a gander at this early part of the 21st century, these establishment political sycophantic hacks are gonna wish they had, even out of base political expediency (as we all know these goons believe in nothing), that they had taken on Dr. Ron Paul's views.

Ron Paul, one and only. The man just never ceases to impress, and amaze.

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For accuracy sake,

I changed your headline to better reflect the content of this letter.

This letter is a good start to defunding this war. Some of the new Reps. should sign on also.

Thanks for finding this story, BleuCream013



Be Accurate

61 congressmen cannot deny Obama anything by themselves.

someone just changed my headline,


Dear Mike and the Mods,

while it's not a really "big" deal, I'd appreciate the heads up, and why. so perhaps I may, in the future, take into account the specific reasons behind the edit, so we don't play headline tags, back & forth.


Sounds Like...

the much feared "unholy alliance" warned of by that snake Lindsey Graham!

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