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45 Groups demand Answers into FBI FearCampaign Raids vs. PeaceActivists

dare I say, finally a "back-boney" move by now-all-but-dead "AntiWar Left?"

"Coalition of 45 groups seeks investigation of FBI over peace activist raids"


regardless, a welcomed "change."

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..I guess so. I like to see

..I guess so. I like to see groups grouping like that, but it seemed they were mostly Arab and Muslim in one way or another. Are not normal Americans still standing tall backbone intact?


"were mostly Arab and Muslim in one way or another."

my initial impression, too. I found myself looking for names of more general Constitutionalist organizations on the list.

regardless, this definitely needs to be addressed.

I wonder if the still l vs. r false-paradigm stuck liberals are telling themselves, 'holy sh*t, oBUSHma just raided peaceful antiwar activists on the Left, and it's oBUSHma's TSA that is now growping women and children!'

seriously, why must we get to the stage of pointing out the unfortunate, literal reality, though while started way previously, but nevertheless making the following fitting?

'Even G.W. Bush didn't grope your privates!'

topsy-turvy world, I tell ya.