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Fla Sen. LeMieux says the TSA should Profile Terrorists instead of casting a net over "300 million Americans."

It's a dirty word in America, but Florida Senator George LeMieux said profiling would be one way to stop terrorists, while keeping invasive security measures to a minimum in airports.

In a post 9/11 world, LeMieux acknowledges the need for increased security to keep terrorists from getting bombs on airplanes, but said the Transportation and Security Administration's new pat-downs and full body scanners are akin to "trying to catch terrorists by throwing a net over 300-million Americans."

While the Department of Homeland Security noted Monday that only a small fraction of the 34-million people that have traveled since the new procedures were put into place have received the pat-down, LeMieux said there are easier ways to achieve the same result, or lack thereof.
"Because they are afraid to offend anyone, because they don't want to use words like 'profile' they are subjecting the vast majority of Americans that are no threat to anybody to these invasive procedures," said LeMieux


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It is good to create suspect groups

I like having defined types of people to fear. Yes, profiling is a good idea. I'll be very afraid of whoever the government decides I should be.

How about producing some convicted terrorists?

In open an transparent court fully enabled according to our long judicial traditions (Right to confront accuser, to see the evidence against you, adversarial prosecution and defense...)

Today, I see nothing but government shenanigans repeated endlessly by chicken little news medias.

Or as a visiting priest remarked. The US is the biggest exporter of terror in the world. And as Paul Craig Roberts averred Americans are unworried by their hypocrisies.

In order to profile suspected terrorists shouldn't we produce real terrorists with valid proofs? Secret government proof is no proof at all.

The 911 Commission was held in secret and produced nothing but kowtowing to the "official" 911 myth.

The underwear bomber was a false flag, according to eyewitnesses. But that doesn't phase medias dedicated to creating the fear that keeps viewers glued to the TV.

One might think that the solution to false flag attacks is abandonment of the 4th Amendment.

Free includes debt-free!

I agree with my Senator here

I agree with my Senator here