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Tom Woods Interviewed by Gary Franchi at Illinois State University

Tom Woods interviewed by Gary Franchi before his speech in front of 450 students / general public at Illinois State University. Conversation focuses on QE2 and the coming economic calamity. The event was sponsored by ISU's YAL and Illinois C4L.


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Wow! What happened to Gary Franchi!

He looks like a totally different person!

here's the deal! - and it's not a new one

By law we must accept the Federal Reserve Notes as legal tender. That being said, if and only if we stop agreeing to accept fiat currency created from nothing for wages, goods and services can the printing presses stop.

The dollar is the carrot and those who can print it from nothing are the stick. That's what makes the world go round. Now go back to work so you can get some of that legal tender. Don't forget and always remember to pay those taxes so you can have the wonderful government employees working, spending and saving for you (end sarcasm). Who knows, maybe they can get you a job trying to put tax evaders and other riotous enemies of the state in prison.

and then you die


good interview.

Thanks for posting.

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Thank you! this is a good one

Thank you! this is a good one to pass around..

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