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Commentary on Matt Refusing to Be Groped or Radiated by TSA.

Unconstitutionality of Groping by TSA Proved by Brave American -Refuses to Be Radiated or Groped is Allowed Back into Country!

The revolution has started and it is a simple revolution; Americans are standing their ground on their Constitutional rights. Matt Kernan politely but firmly, refused to consent to the radiation or the groping requested by the TSA… And the TSA Backed off!

At this point one would think that the TSA believes that it is mandatory for Americans to be exposed to radiation, or touched in their intimate parts, but according to Matt’s outcome, they themselves, don’t think they have the authority to make it compulsory. They depend on our consent!

After Matt’s polite but firm refusal to relinquish his rights as he was re-entering the country from abroad, the TSA played the ‘we’ll call the police and arrest you’ game. Matt remained calm and polite, explaining his position concisely, and not becoming hyperbolic or unreasonable; which would have given them grounds for arrest on other charges.

He stated his position, pointed out that he was recording the conversation and told them that he gave them no permission to touch his genitals, that he would do only what they told him was mandatory on record. He stated it like this to the police officers: “If you say that a pat-down is mandatory, and that as a condition of that pat-down, I may have my genitals brushed against by your hand, even though you don’t want to, I will do that. But only if you say it is mandatory.” Their reply: “I’m not going to say that.”

There it is in a nutshell, if American Citizens ...

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Add a little to that

by stating the UnConstitutionality of the sexual assault,
THEN tell them that if they proceed YOU will immediately
call 911 and report a sexual assault. They won't have to worry about police YOU WILL CALL THEM. You will press charges and demand the assailant is arrested on the spot. Get every cops name, agency and badge number, if they refuse to arrest then call 911 again and report a sexual assault and that your being forcibly obstructed in reporting a crime. These people work for you make them do their job. I'd also add that it's time to start action against the owners of the airports. It's an easy process done outside of court.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Not Sexual Assault

The motive in these cases is not sexual assault, and the crime is not sexual.

This is about assault, plain and simple, and touching anyone anywhere is illegal without their consent.

If I were on a jury, I would not convict for sexual assault, but would convict if they so much as touch a person's arm without consent.

It is a violation of our persons and our rights, period.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Freedom is worth missing Thanksgiving at the in-laws!!!

He didn't actually refuse the pat down. What he did was say that if they touched his genitals or surrounding area he would consider it sexual abuse. People have to be careful what they say. Opt out of the scanner, then if they force you to go in, it is an assault. Submit to a pat down, but inform them that if your genitals are touched or your breasts are touched you will file a law suit. Of course, get their name and badge number first.

another good one

Thanks for posting.

Have you see this one:

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Thanks Legalize, posted it at the dtp!


"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

I can't believe TSA even tries this...