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NATO Arctic Security and Canadian Sovereignty in the Far North

In many ways, the Arctic has become a geopolitical game with mixed messages being sent from all sides. There appears to be a real contradiction in what is being said and what is actually being done to safeguard sovereignty. While Arctic countries have emphasized the importance of resolving conflicting boundary claims through enhanced cooperation, at times, rhetoric has served to fuel rivalries in the resource-rich area. NATO has declared the Arctic a strategically important region with northern member nations individually or collaboratively conducting military and naval operations to showcase their capabilities.

Arctic nations continue to assert their sovereignty through military means. Rising tensions could further escalate the militarization of the region. While the process to resolve territorial disputes and the competition to secure resources has thus far been peaceful, there is still the threat of a future armed confrontation in the Arctic.

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The Arctic

Leave it to the Polar bears and the other wildlife and the Eskimos imo.


lots at stake there

huge deposits of oil precious metals e.t.c.

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The Poles

That is why it should be left alone imo.

The people of the earth have done without for this long..might as well leave it alone like the pact and or treaty on Antarctica.

Otherwise, there is a good chance there will be a war over thes elements.