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Millionaires for Ron Paul

Who are the millionaires who support or would likely support a Ron Paul 2012 run?

I wonder why more business owners, who aren't in bed with the government, don't support free markets and less government intervention in their sectors. Also, actors, writers, athletes, societal figures who would appreciate a freer society.

Add those who you know have/would support Ron, or those could be on the fence. I'll add them as they are listed in the comments.

Millionaires who support/would support a Ron Paul 2012 run:

Steve Forbes (Media, Entrepreneur)
Peter Schiff (Finance Guru, Entrepreneur)
John Mayer (Musician)
Brian Lamb (Owner of CSPAN)
Peter Thiel (Founder of Paypal, Entrepreneur)
Jim Rogers* (Investor) *Billionaire
Vince Vaughn (Actor)
Arlo Guthrie (Musician)
Robert Kiyosaki (Investor, Author, Entrepreneur)
Drew Carey (Actor)
Clint Eastwood (Actor, Director)
John Mackey (Whole Foods CEO)
Penn and Teller (Entertainers)

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As MikeLawson mentioned below...

becoming a millionaire is not the prestigious accomplishment it was in my parents' time. Thanks to inflation, if we're not millionaires, we cannot be considered 'wealthy'.

I'd edit the title to say "multi-millionaires", for lack of a better term for those that have 10s of millions -- or more -- like the ones in the list.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Trevor Lyman & Lawrence Lepard

I do not know their financial status, nor do I care. However, I feel that all newer members should be introduced to these two gentleman.



....and the rest of us can enjoy some great memories : )

Dr. Mercola

I am assuming that he is a millionaire.


John Stossel

John Stossel

Hutton Gibson, Mel Gibson's dad

Below is a youtube vid of Mel's dad supporting Ron Paul;. I believe I have read other rumblings as well that Mel is also a RP supporter. Can't recall or find links though.

Hutton Gibson endorses Ron Paul for President in 2008

ive met hutton and his wife

Beautiful people. About the time the passion came out hutton was giving out tickets to an event that had various speakers, one of which was 'a surprise guest'. Not hard to figure out who that was. i got two tickets. a few days before the big event my girlfriend said 'well dont you remember you promised me e would go to so and so's wedding on that day'. no. who's so and so? needless to say i went to the wedding because i had given my word...I was pissed. My girlfriend said this is thee worst wedding ive ever been to about thirty times. I spent my time telling people how i could have met mel gibson today. Everyone of them said things like what are you doing here?

id say by the movies hes done

id say by the movies hes done and the way the media treats him now he's a ron paul supporter

Overstock CEO

Patrick M. Byrne the Overstock CEO is a great advocate for freedom in my state and supporter of Ron Paul.

Kane (Glenn Thomas Jacobs, Wrestler)

I don't know if Kane the Pro Wrestler (Glenn Thomas Jacobs) is a millionaire (I don't know how much they earn), but at least among many Americans he is very famous.

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SteveMT's picture

Michael Nystrom, very soon now!

I'm hoping that Michael will get on that list soon, if he is not on it already.

BTW, a small contribution to the Daily Paul would help keep this site running. A few dollars from each of us times the number of DP active members that visit here would be a very useful holiday-time gift to the person responsible for creating this place. This is a totally unsolicited comment from someone who appreciates the work that went into making the DP by far the best liberty blog on the net. If you believe that, then do something to keep it that way.



Columbus, Ohio

Drew Carey...

Political views
When approached about his political views, Carey has distanced himself from conservative celebrities by emphasizing his fiscally conservative, libertarian leanings.[42][43][44][45] He has expressed his distaste for the Bush administration's management of the War in Iraq, specifically on the September 15, 2007, episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. In 2007, Carey made donations to Ron Paul's presidential campaign.[46] On the September 26, 2008 episode of The Late Late Show, Carey defined "libertarian" to host Craig Ferguson as "a conservative who still gets high."[1]

Carey has spoken about his various political beliefs in several interviews and in 1998, he led a "smoke-in" in defiance of California's newly-passed no-smoking ordinance inside bars and restaurants.[47] Carey has hosted a series of mini-documentaries called The Drew Carey Project on Reason.tv, an online project of Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank.[48] The first episode, "Gridlock", addresses private highway ownership and was released on October 15, 2007. Other episodes discuss topics such as eminent domain, urban traffic congestion, and medical marijuana.


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Clint Eastwood

Although he has supported some bailouts and supported the Brady Bill, he labels himself as Libertarian.

there's also John Mackey, Ex-CEO of Whole Foods, not that famous, but would be a great addition to a coalition of Millionaire Libertarians.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

what about

The Dixie Chicks, Chuck norris, Jessie V?

Penn and Teller

Staunch libertarians, and the judge of course don't know how he's not on the list.

Robert kiyosaki

Robert kiyosaki

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Take Jim Rogers off this list...

and add him to "Billionaires for Ron Paul".

True. Added an asterisk.

True. Added an asterisk. Thank you for the clarification. :)

Columbus, Ohio

Barry Manilow?

I seem to recall his name on the FEC filings for the campaign. Bette Midler, for whom he played piano, was married to Aaron Russo, so there's a connection to the movement...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

From another thread about

From another thread about Barry Manilow:

I'm pretty sure Manilow also donated to Obama, Clinton, and Edwards. And Biden.

I don't know about this one. I guess he did contribute.

Columbus, Ohio

Here are his contributions


Click on 2008 & 2006 and put in the code and they will come up.

You are right.. Dr. Paul, Hillary, Obama and Edwards.

Vince VaughnHe invited RP to

Vince Vaughn

He invited RP to one of his recent movie openings.


Erik Vendt

"Erik Vendt won a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing by swimming in the heats of the 4×200 meter freestyle relay.

On September 2, 2008 Vendt participated as a special speaker at Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty Rally for the Republic event in Minneapolis, Minnesota."


Chuck Norris if he switches his full support from Huck.

Barry Manilow per this site that has a discussion on RP endorsements.


Here is a notable comment from the above link.

"Here are Ron Paul historical analogies:

Ron Paul is the classic Philosopher King as described in Plato’s Republic.

Ron Paul is the intelligent thoughtful Claudius after the insane evil Caligula and Tiberius.

Ron Paul is the principled Thomas Jefferson repealing and eliminating the abusive and unconstitutional Sedition Acts.

Ron Paul is the peaceful, patient, persistent Gandhi.

Ron Paul is the insightful Dwight D. Eisenhower who warned of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

Ron Paul is the man of integrity and courage that America needs at this time."

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel
Jim Rogers (perhaps)

Musician: John Mayer Watch

Musician: John Mayer

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vssZ1gkhKTE

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Sweet. I had no idea about

Sweet. I had no idea about him. Maybe they can get him to do a commercial for RP 2012.

Columbus, Ohio

Millionaires are a dime a dozen

There's lots and lots of millionaires who support Ron Paul. There's probably no less than 50 of them on the DP members list. Are you looking for millionares or hundred-millionaires, or just rich famous people?

Well-known rich people.

Well-known rich people.

Columbus, Ohio

Brian Lamb

owner of c-span

Thanks Mike.

Thanks Mike.

Columbus, Ohio