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My advice to those who are forced to fly often. Handle this Gandhi style!

If you opt out of the nude scanner then your only other option is to get the intrusive pat down. The TSA will kindly ask and encourage that you have the procedure done in a private room.


The TSA wants these searches to be handled out the public eye for their own benefit. They know if this was done with hundreds of people watching, it would clearly expose the evil taking place.

***Anyone who has to fly should opt for the intrusive search and have it done in front of everyone in line.**

Gandhi's philosophy on resisting oppression through non-violent forms of civil disobedience and forcing your oppressors to realize the evil of their ways is the way things will change. Forget town hall meetings, forget writing your Congressman, etc. All that does is legitimize their power over you.

*Stop begging and start resisting!*

Watch this speech from the Gandhi movie. THIS is how we win!


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Bravo! Bravo!

Yes, excellent rmc4444!

Ghandi had the right spirit. It was non-violent civil disobedience towards bad, unjust laws that brought down the British occupation of India. Too bad the people didn't continue with their vigilance. After Ghandi died, the country devolved once again when the people became docile and compliant. That is exactly what happened here after the last of our founders passes away in early 19th century. The people became complacent and too comfortable.

It was our first Constitutional president, Geo.Washington who said, "One thing that sets the Christian man apart from all others is that he will die on his feet before he lives on his knees."

I envision this with all my heart and soul. It is the way of overcoming these devils. That, and the re-inhabiting of jurisdiction under the Constitution.