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Ron Paul Interview w/Sean Hannity: 11/22/10

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Thanks for posting...

no front page for this???

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Thread is from last year, 2010.


I've done the same before too, lol.

Is there a video of this

Is there a video of this anywhere?

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The Sean Hannity Show is a radio talkshow

    which, unlike AJ's, is not videotaped.  So no. The podcast audio provided there will have to do.

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    Did you hear what he said at the end?

    "Well, it proves your not owned by the establishment part of the Republican Party."

    I think Hannity interviewed

    I think Hannity interviewed Comrade Bush the verynext day... I dunno if the Doc lost his friggen mind or is a fraud... Mind Boggling..

    Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

    What Ron Paul....

    [To the poster freaking out about biometrics]

    ...said was he is against the government using biometrics since is not within the governments powers to do these things.

    He said private corporations have a right to do what they deem necessary to protect their property, just like you have a right to do what you deem necessary to protect yours. If you want a retinal scanner on your house door you do and should have a right to put one there. Get it?

    The difference (a big one) is that you have to live under a government and do what it tells you to do, but (at least in theory) you do not have to buy goods and services from any given corporation, and I can refuse to visit your house if I dont want my retina scanned, and you have a right to tell me I cant come in if I do.

    That my friend, is a big difference.

    In terms of the interview overall (I am no Hannity fan) but its was a fair dialog and Hannity showed respect for his guest. He did not cut him off, did not berate him, and basically agreed with him. This is one of Hannity's finer moments, and we are all allowed that once in a while....

    "Qui audet adipiscitur"

    If a neo-con was President,

    If a neo-con was President, Hannity would be cheerleader this crap and bashing Ron Paul and his supporters.

    That said, the fingerprinting machines I could live with. They use them in Japan and it's perfectly fine. It cuts the wait time down significantly.

    The Best Part?

    The Doc called those snowballs thrown by the R3VOLution as "soft" ones! LOL!

    Expect more "soft" ones Sean Insanity, come 2012!

    ??? The whole time I was asking myself "Why?"

    Hannity, helped make sure Ron Paul's point was articulated for the audience. It was the opposite of his usual working against him, he made sure to state Paul's case for him? Why?

    Is it something as simple as this is a slam dunk winner and he just wants to be on the right side of it, the freedom lover that Hannity is? Or is something else afoot?

    Sure it was gratifying for fans of Ron Paul to hear Hannity doing Ron Paul's work for him, but I couldn't get the question of "Why?!?!" out of my head. Is there something wrong with me? It may have something to do with the thread I started about the TSA antics being ripe with potential as a smokescreen, but for now I'm still asking why. Ratings or looking like a friend of Ron Paul's come out as a net loss for Hannity and cohorts, giving the good doctor exposure obviously isnt something Hannity has been fond of, right? Maybe I'm wrong.

    Edit: the biometrics bugged me too. Although the explanation made me feel slightly better, that word itself can insight fear into people, and if their is good reasoning behind it, it needs to be better articulated.

    you're assuming ron paul's base are as paranoid and

    uneducated as some you are referencing inside your head that's even beyond rp's imagination. otherwise of course he would have clarified.

    imo if his long term followers still haven't learned the basics, don't bother, imho. if he's doing it for the newcomers, i have no qualms.

    Hopefully Ron put some "Hannitizer" on before the interview...

    See this link:


    I'll never forget Hannity during the 2008 election. Denying Ron Paul his rightful place in the Fox "text message elections" and even lying about the method (claiming we could vote twice).

    There's only a few things in my opinion worse than a hair in your food, swallowing a bug, and dry heaves - Hannity.

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    sean 'there-is-an-enemy-out-there"

    hannity is stacking the deck...

    He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression.
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    If you have followed Ron Paul long enough you realize the man...

    knows what he is doing and saying 99% of the time. And the other one percent is when he might not hear the question. However, when Congressman mentions to Hannity that "it means that you are not a part of the establishment", he's talking in generalities. Come on people! The "action" of Hannity treating Rand with some respect during his campaign is what I believe the congressman meant.
    Listen close to his explanation of the Biometrics. He was bringing up other options that were not even considered that would have been less of a threat to people then the scanners and pat downs they perform now, Ribbing the lack of intelligence of government thinking.
    To think that the Congressman does not understand who he is talking to is the wrong path to take. He is very aware who he is talking to. When Hannity goes on his buddy buddy talk as to agree with Dr. Paul and only has a small nuance of a disagreement with him you can hear Ron Paul in the back ground at times almost sighing as if, "I'm glad this interview is only for a few minutes". Also, any time Ron Paul is on most any show is more time of freedom talk and education to those listening.
    Thank you Congressman Paul for your strength and wisdom.


    I took it too mean that the pronoun you...was referring to Rand. So maybe I heard it wrong


    14:20 is best part.

    If there was a Republican president....

    then Hannity would be 100% in favor of what the TSA is doing, and he would be all over Ron Paul's case.


    was his name-o.

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    Agreed 100% he`s just a scumbag tool for the Neocons.

    I don`t trust or listen to his BS anytime.

    It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
    Thomas Sowell

    Ron Paul SCHOOLING Sean Hannity!

    Love it, love it, love it...

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    "The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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    Useful idiot with an audience....maybe someone woke up while listening to Ron Paul enough to "Google Ron Paul"

    For Freedom!
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    I don't see why it is some

    I don't see why it is some people's initial reaction to hammer on Hannity. Wouldn't it be best to judge everyone's action at the very moment it is taking place? Ya, sure, be smart and use common sense but if a guy is willing to have liberty broadcasted on his/her radio/tv show why not give them some love?

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    Ron Paul just suggested BIOmetrics for the Corporations... WTF... splain that one folks...

    Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?


    if a corporation want to use thumb scans for security that is their choice. As soon as people disagree they will be boycotted and they will either tell people to "f**k off this is the way we are going to do business" and if enough people support them they will survive, if not they change their policy or go down the tubes and someone steps in to fill the void...free market at work.


    Can you explain what is wrong with it? The only monopoly and coercive body to truly fear is the government or through the government.

    Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

    BIOmetrics IS a violation of

    BIOmetrics IS a violation of the fifth amendment! Furthermore, at the end RP says, "that proves you are NOT part of the establishment." He said that to HANNITY... Splain that for me...

    Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

    Sean, while he may be a DB, is not part of some

    elite conspiratorial group and is not part of "the establishment". He is a regular guy that worked his way up the ladder and had success because he was talented as a radio personality. He is part of the MSM and does create opinions for millions of Americans but isn't part of "the establishment".

    Have to admit I was also bit

    Have to admit I was also bit surprised by that comment from RP about Hanny not being part of the establishment. But the biometric comment was more like if a person chooses that from his/her free will then its of course okay.

    "Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

    yeah... the Biometric thing

    yeah... the Biometric thing can be explained away if it is voluntary... But Social Security started out voluntary... and so did the income tax... right?

    Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

    by your logic anything in this world can eventually become

    government control. can you get paranoid on something else that makes sense please. ss only turned wrong after government force was involved. by the same logic then everything in life has a potential. why bother living, galacticwacko. and spare the caps WHOAWHOAHAOW pls